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Health Hijackers

Who They Are and How To Stop Them

Introducing the Zig-Zag Solution™

Health Hijackers: Who They Are and How to Stop Them, is based on the works of world-renowned psychologists and Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky. They proved that our living on autopilot, aka fast thinking (fast, intuitive, emotional), is hijacking our lives. 

However, once you learn the unique deliberate, logical, and mindful slow thinking approach called the Zig-Zag SolutionTM presented in this book, you finally can take control of your life.  You’ll be amazed at the healthier, more meaningful decisions you’ll be making. This approach is a way to guard against the mental glitches that get us into trouble.  

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Praises for Health Hijackers

I totally agree with what Wennik has shared in her book. Fast thinking has definitely been my downfall.  The method she uses really is the ‘solution’.  It has helped me so much in reconsidering my first response.  I’m now taking more time in my decision-making and reaping the benefits for my new slow thinking approach to life.” — Charlie .J.


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When you get done reading the book, please return to this page to share with others what you thought about “Health Hijackers”, including any examples of how you used the Zig-Zag Solution™.  With your help, others can learn the value of it and how they, too, can make lasting changes in their life.